What sets EUMEDCONNECT3 apart from other networks?

Benefits for researchers

  • High-capacity, congestion-free international bandwidth for academic and scientific collaborations accessed via national NREN partners.
  • Direct connection to the European research and education community with access to over 40 million users.
  • No EUMEDCONNECT3 usage charges.

Benefits for NREN partners

  • EC funding support for beneficiary countries.
  • Connectivity provided and managed by GÉANT (formerly DANTE) at best rates.
  • Human capacity building of NREN engineers.
  • Expertise of GÉANT, ASREN and European NREN partners.

Benefits for the region

  • Supports applications with high societal impact, such as e-health and e-learning.
  • Drives research to tackle regional problems, such as desertification, water shortage and sustainable farming.
  • Bridges the digital divide and fights brain drain.
  • Creates more competitive markets.
  • Fosters social cohesion and development.
  • Provides the foundation for a wider pan-Arab research and education network (ASREN).
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