Using the EUMEDCONNECT3 network

EUMEDCONNECT3 provides dedicated high-capacity Internet for research and education communities across the southern Mediterranean. It offers high-bandwidth, low-latency connections between participating national research and education networks (NRENs). With direct links to the pan-European GÉANT network, EUMEDCONNECT3 allows users in North Africa and the Middle East to collaborate with their counterparts at over 10,000 research and education establishments in Europe.


EUMEDCONNECT3 supports data-intensive, time-critical applications between collaborating partners, but can equally be used to provide fast access to conventional web-based resources from all over the Mediterranean and beyond.

Use of the network for collaborative applications is growing rapidly. EUMEDCONNECT3 is already supporting collaborations in several key fields and is fundamental to research that contributes to tackling problems to which the Mediterranean is particularly vulnerable, such as desertification and water shortage.

More information about activities in these fields is available in Applications.

Case studies

Find out more about EUMEDCONNECT3 success stories in the words of users who benefit from the network in their collaborative research and education activities – view the case studies.

How to connect to EUMEDCONNECT3

Any type of not-for-profit research and education activity can use the network.

If you are a prospective user wanting to benefit from the EUMEDCONNECT3 infrastructure, you should contact your national research and education network (NREN) to establish whether your host institution is already connected. If it is, you are ready to use EUMEDCONNECT3; services are free at the point of use. If it isn’t, the NREN will advise you of the application procedure.

Contact your local NREN.

How to get support

If you require support for your networking activities, your local NRENs will be happy to help. If you require support relating to international network issues, please contact user support.

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