Application posters

Real network – real benefits

Download application posters from the EUMEDCONNECT project below.

Recreates the Big Bang
EUMEDCONNECT2 allows high-energy physicists in the Mediterranean to participate in groundbreaking experiments to discover the origins of the universe.

Tackles global warming
EUMEDCONNECT2 helps save the Mediterranean by supporting cutting-edge climate research, combating desertification and improving water resource management.

Opens classroom doors
EUMEDCONNECT2 is a gateway for students in the Mediterranean to learn with the world’s most inspirational tutors in an interactive virtual environment.

Saves lives
EUMEDCONNECT2 improves life chances of thalassaemia sufferers by speeding up the development of innovative drugs that reduce the dependency on expensive and frequently unsafe blood transfusions.

Stops seizures
EUMEDCONNECT2 allows neurosurgeons in Tunisia to collaborate remotely with their French colleagues on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of epilepsy patients, giving them back a seizure-free life.

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