Case Studies

Mapping the Landscape, managing the Future – EUMEDCONNECT3 and Agadir
EUMEDCONNECT3 supports research aimed at contributing to sustainable land management in Morocco.

CIRCE: e-infrastructures help save the Mediterranean
The network supports research aimed at contributing towards sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

ITHANET: e-infrastructures revolutionising thalassaemia treatment
The network supports research into thalassaemia, a blood-related disease, particularly common in the Mediterranean.

ICT LEAP: leaping barriers to education through e-learning
Learning in the Mediterranean has become more flexible and accessible through the network.

WISDOM: e-infrastructures speed up the hunt for new malaria drugs
Researchers in the Mediterranean can participate in world-class research to help fight killer diseases, such as malaria and avian flu.

High-speed networking: freeing epilepsy patients from seizure
Neurosurgeons in Tunisia are able to collaborate remotely with their French colleagues on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of epilepsy patients.

eScience across the Mediterranean: making it a reality
Current and future bandwidth-hungry eScience users across the region rely on advanced connectivity.

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