EUMEDCONNECT3 supports e-health projects

EUMEDCONNECT3 and the interconnection to its European counterpart GÉANT enable medical professionals across the Mediterranean to participate – on an equal footing with their peers in Europe and in other parts of the globe – in world-class research aimed at combating killer diseases, such as malaria, and at identifying effective treatment for medical disorders particularly common in the Mediterranean basin.

EUMEDCONNECT3 contributes to better healthcare provision across the Mediterranean by:

  • Enhancing multi-party dialogue, supporting scientific workgroup meetings with video-conferencing.
  • Encouraging the sharing of best practice, particularly with regard to clinical protocols.
  • Facilitating practical tele-medicine such as remote consulting.
  • Providing direct access to medical databases and libraries.
  • Fostering innovative drug design via fast ‘in silico’ screening of millions of chemical compounds.
  • Allowing clinical trials to be conducted across various research sites.
  • Enabling time-saving, cost-effective remote training and ongoing professional development of medical practitioners.

Find out more about how EUMEDCONNECT3 supports health professionals in the case studies below:

​Case studies

High-speed networking: freeing epilepsy patients from seizure
How the network allows neurosurgeons in Tunisia to collaborate remotely with their French colleagues on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of epilepsy patients, giving them back a seizure-free life.

ITHANET: e-infrastructures revolutionising thalassaemia treatment
This case study describes EUMEDCONNECT3’s support for innovative drug development to cure thalassaemia, a blood-related disease particularly common in the Mediterranean basin.

WISDOM: e-infrastructures speed up the hunt for new malaria drugs
How EUMEDCONNECT3 and its predecessor network enable Mediterranean countries to participate in world-class research aimed at identifying new drugs to treat malaria and other emergent diseases.

EuMed Cancer-GeMed Network: supporting medical e-learning in the Mediterranean region
Detail on EUMEDCONNECT’s support for a pioneering e-learning training programme in genetics.


Photo by Yassine Khalfalli on Unsplash

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