Past events

TERNET Conference on Digital Transformation, 16-17 September 2021

Theme: “Towards Digital Transformation in Education and Research”

16th – 17th September 2021, Dar es Salaam, the United Republic of Tanzania

The digitisation phenomena characterised by new technologies innovated out of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the 21st century offers unprecedented breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics, edge computing, Internet, social media, augmented reality, mobile technologies, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, open education resources, robotics and shared economy applications. These technologies have renewed interest by higher learning and research institutions to investigate their potential to solve the existing challenges in order to shape the future.

It is in this context that the Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET), through its first international conference on digital transformation in education and research, is inviting practitioners, researchers, and industrialists to explore novel ideas, share topical research findings, discuss lessons learned and success stories, map out major challenges, and collectively debate on future directions for education and research.

The conference sub-themes are:

  1. Strategic Planning for Digital Transformation
  2. Technical Solutions and Tools for Digital Transformation
  3. Education Technologies and e-Learning
  4. Research and Collaboration

Read the sub-themes of the event and register here.

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