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​1 May 2016 mark​s next phase in GÉANT Project

1 May 2016 | Cambridge, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands

GN4 Phase 2 (GN4-2) to build on success ​of predecessor projects

The GÉANT Project is a European success story. For over 15 years, through the joined forces of national research and education networking (NREN) organisations, the project has been a vital element of Europe’s e-infrastructure strategy, providing the high-speed connectivity needed to share, access and process massive volumes of data, which is generated by, and essential to diverse research and education communities working in areas such as: particle physics, bioinformatics, earth observation, drug discovery, and arts and culture.

The GÉANT Project has grown during its iterations (GN2, GN3, GN3plus, GN4-1) to incorporate not just today’s award-winning 500Gbps physical network, but a catalogue of advanced, user-focused services, and a successful programme of innovation that is pushing the boundaries of networking technology to deliver real impact to over 50 million users.

GN4-2 is a 32-month project beginning 1 May 2016 and ending 31 December 2018. As part of the GÉANT2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), it is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020).

This second phase of implementing the FPA will help raise European research to the next level, promoting scientific excellence, access and re-use of research data and supporting Open Science. It will also drive European-wide cost efficiencies in scientific infrastructure through the promotion of interoperability on an unprecedented scale with other e-infrastructures.

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