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Another AfricaConnect2 milestone achieved: Morocco re-connected

26 June 2018 | Cambridge, UK​

David West, GÉANT’s project manager of the AfricaConnect2 North Africa cluster commented: “Since 2004, Morocco has been a longstanding and trusted partner in catalysing R&E networking in the southern Mediterranean, first during the EUMEDCONNECT project phases and now as partner in AfricaConnect2. Re-establishing international R&E connectivity means that Morocco’s researchers, teachers and learners are now well positioned to engage in international collaborations with their peers around the world and leave their mark. We look forward to continuing working with CNRST and ASREN to optimise the infrastructure in support of our R&E communities.”

Researchers, academics and students across Morocco welcomed the recent announcement of a dedicated 1G link from Rabat into the Arab States Research and Education (ASREN) PoP in London. By securing access to the global R&E network fabric, the connectivity is set to accelerate collaborative research and education with peers in Europe and other parts of the world, particularly in areas of relevance to the Mediterranean region, such as climate research, water management and sustainable use of land resources.

The connection agreement was signed earlier this month by Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman of ASREN, and Prof. Mohamed Khalfaoui, Director of Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (CNRST), the organisation that operates the Moroccan national R&E network MARWAN.

The agreement marks Morocco’s re-joining the international R&E networking community with the support of the EU-funded AfricaConnect2 project.

Banner image: Prof. Redouane Merrouch (left), responsible for the MARWAN network, and Prof. Mohamed Khalfaoui, Director CNRST, signing the connection agreement with ASREN.

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